Sparkle Star
SILVER STAR AUTOMOTIVE was started in 1992 in Aurora, Colorado in a small shop on Parker Rd., under the name Six Star Automotive. We have been at our present location at 4345 S. Parker St. for over 18 yrs. Silver Star provides high quality auto repair and service to Subaru owners in the Denver, Colorado area. We handle complete Subaru service and repair in house and have affiliates for body and frame work.
TOM WHITE grew up in Rockford, Illinois and graduated from Denver Automotive School in 1981. He has lived in the Denver area for over 38 yrs. and has over 38 yrs. experience working on Subaruís. He was among the first few certified Subaru Senior Master Technicians in the United States. He is also an ASE Master Auto Technician (certified every 5 yrs.). In addition, he is a Denver licensed used car dealer for high quality used Subaruís. He owns and drives a Subaru as well as 3 others for his wife and 2 kids.
KENT KAMINSKI grew up in the Denver area and attended Pitkin Tech Automotive School. He has over 32 yrs. experience working on Subaru's and has been with Silver Star Automotive for the past 30 yrs. He owns and drives a Subaru as well as another for his wife.
ZACH WHITE grew up in Denver, Colorado and graduated from Metro State University of Denver in 2012. He lived in the Denver area for over 34 years and has over 16 yrs. experience working on Subaru's. He is an accomplished musician producing instrumentals for WTRWRLD. He owns and drive a Subaru.
Business Hours are:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closed Saturdays & Sundays

SilverStar Automotive's commitment to a healthier green environment isn't just a bunch of hot air. We recycle your used motor oil to make our hot air. Our waste oil heater burns used motor oil to heat our facility. Even if you change your own oil, you can drop it off here to make sure it isn't disposed of in the landfill for future generations to deal with. We also recycle our own antifreeze.